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By Krasimira Georgieva


Playful, creative, dreaming. Salone 2016 was one more time a remarkable celebration of design and creativity whispering life in more than 400 showcase spaces around the warm and sunny city of Milan. Delight design experience of material science, sensation excellence and expert inspiration. A voyage in the world of creative inspiration.




Fondazione Prada

Artistic research, collecting, passion about art and contemporary design. The foundation opened its doors during Salone for the current exhibitions.




Stefano Boeri and 3M

The installation incorporates several 3M materials including films, non-wovens and adhesives to create an experience where light dances, thoughts reflect, and minds (and mobile devices) recharge.


“As creative professionals explore Milan to connect, learn and be inspired, we want them to know design is integral to everything we do at 3M as an innovation company – how we understand the world around us, identify needs and develop thoughtful solutions that can improve life,” said Eric Quint, 3M Chief Design Officer. “Our design team thrives on collaboration, so it’s a privilege to work with a partner like Stefano Boeri whose architectural influence, urban sensibility and sustainable mindset bring design to life.”




Milan Pavilion

In the courtyard of Palazzo Reale, an installation by Attilio Stocchi – Vermiglia – echoes the sounds of present, past and future work.


The Milan Pavilion is not a pavilion-container, but a pavilion-cloud: an atmosphere.


“I wish to express my fullest satisfaction,” states Claudio De Albertis, Triennale di Milano president, “for the decision by the City of Milan to take part in the 21st International Triennale Exposition – Milan 2016 with its own pavilion dedicated to the theme of the transformation of work in the 21st century.


This is one of the fundamental issues that we address not only via exhibitions but also with conferences and initiatives aiming especially to engage the younger generations.”







‘Colour Machine’ at CasaVitra

The installation reflects the continuous refinement of the Vitra Colour & Material Library into a group of beautifully crafted fabrics and other materials that are specific to the Vitra product group. ‘A colour can lift a product to greater heights by accentuating a material or emphasising certain details.


I want people to recognise Vitra not only by product or form, but also by the material and surface’, explains Hella Jongerius


‘My goal is to call attention to colour as an ever-changing entity. Questioning colour’s appearance, our relationship to it and speculating about its nature, is in essence a never-ending process. There are no mistakes in choosing colours, only variations of subjective expressions. A good colour library, though, can help make a decision’, states Hella Jongerius.


Art Direction: Hella Jongerius

Installation Concept and Design by Bas van Tol, MullerVanTol









DUSK for RIVA1920

by Karim Rashid - ‘fluid, organic object’, perfect balance between two symmetrycal identical parts, detached by a thin slice of air. Solid cedar wood with burning volcano finish.







Outdoor with Ultra Sofa

Fermob and the designer Frederic Sofia lounged their new happy, supersized, tender and cozy garden sofa with extraordinary shape and innovative materials, soothing but water-repellent. Expert in bringing the homey feeling in the garden.








Constance Guisset

by Petite Friture - light and dreamy pendant lamps spreading up to 200cm - made of fiber-glass , iron, polyurethane and love.













and the winner is...




Side Table

by Philipp Beisheim - The table respects the rules of functionality. Its inflatable base makes it relatively compact for shipping and storing.


Made of an unusual material for furnishing: particularly resilient rubberised, waterproof canvas used to produce rubber dinghies.Keeping faith with one of the main objectives of design, this choice of material contains a veiled reference to current events and the most pressing social problems that concern us all.


It is made of Hypalon, a highly durable silicon-based material, used in the industrial field.


First Prize Winner at Salone Satellite Award 2016








by Bouillon - The originality and usefulness of the concept are engaging, as is the innovative take on a traditional process for a raw material such as terracotta, inventing an object that hitherto did not exist.


The essential lines of this stool combine primitive functions and new applications for traditional terracotta, which has been an enduring feature of our houses.


Second Prize Winner at Salone Satellite Award 2016












by Studio Nito - The project is beautifully carried off thanks to an innovative production process that manages to combine a traditional material, such as cotton thread, with a more contemporary one, such as bioresin, achieving an aesthetic result that is both familiar yet altogether new.


From a single thread to three-dimensional objects. The project is inspired by bobbins, their yarn structures and general textile capabilities. Combined with a special manufacturing technique, colourful cotton yarns turn into solid furniture.


Third Prize Winner at Salone Satellite Award 2016








by Frank Chou Design Studio - This is an elegant object, harnessing a theme that is currently much explored, and is suitable for great personalisation, an increasingly sought-after commodity in the furnishing world.


This mobile screen is suggestive of the Oriental spirit as new “material”. The kimono becomes a room divider and storage space and can be replaced with others made of different materials, according to season.


Special Mention at Salone Satellite Award 2016



The Eps Collection

by Klaas Kuiken


The importance of the fact that a new production process has been applied to a

traditional object.


Made in collaboration with Lovink, this original looking stove and clock collection was created by a process involving polystyrene foam moulds (lost foam technique).


Special Mention at Salone Satellite Award 2016